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Dr Tommy Horozov

Biography Tommy Horozov is a recipient of the EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship Award (2006-2011), a senior lecturer at the University of Hull (2015- ) and visiting Professor at the Department of Materials Chemistry, University of Vienna (2017-).

He holds a PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Sofia and has been conducting fundamental and applied research on various aspects of material science.

These include the adsorption of surfactants on surfaces, the behaviour of solid particles in thin liquid films, emulsions and foams, solid wetting and open microfluidics, hydrogels, porous polymers and composite materials.
Research Interests Colloidal particles
• behaviour at liquid interfaces and in thin liquid films
• particle-stabilised foams and emulsions
• non-spherical and Janus particles

Wetting and capillarity
• contact angles of solid particles and surfaces
• ‘smart’ porous coatings for anti-biofouling
• open microfluidics

Advanced materials
• porous and composite materials (incl. graphene containing composites)
• self-assembled nano-particle structures for nano-photonics & metamerials
• super-stretchable hydrogels
Scopus Author ID 6602489747