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Dr Jane Bunting

Biography Jane Bunting is a long term ecologist with research interests focused on better understanding of the long term ecological dynamics of cultural landscapes, mostly from pollen records.

She went to university intending to be a physicist and got distracted along the way - after earning a degree (final year in Botany) and PhD at Cambridge, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Waterloo, Ontario, and at the University of Stirling before joining the University of Hull, initially as a lecturer, in 1997.

She currently works mainly on modelling pollen dispersal and deposition as a tool for reconstructing past land cover and is part of various international working groups, including PolLandCal, Landclim and PAGES Landcover6k. She also coordinates the Virtual Palaeosciences project, which seeks to increase inclusion and equity through developing virtual and digital teaching resources for use alongside more traditional field and practical work in the field.
Research Interests palaeoecology
long term ecology
ecology and climate change
cultural landscapes
environmental archaeology
landscape ecology
Quaternary science
environmental change
pollen analysis
plant community ecology
Teaching and Learning My teaching falls mostly into these three topic areas:
conservation, ecology and biogeography
environmental change science
research methods and study skills ("how to be a geographer/environmental scientist/geologist")

As soon as I learn new things, I _need_ to tell other people about them - teaching and research are both central to my career and practice. I think of what I do as supporting students along the way to being independent lifelong learners, and I am currently particularly interested in helping students (especially those who are the first in their families to attend university) to understand what is expected of them at university and in making sure that all my classes include support for development of life-long learning skills such as reflective practice and writing skills.
Scopus Author ID 57195400122