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Professor Bernie Binks

Biography Professor Binks' research is primarily concerned with materials chemistry. He is a physical chemist with research interests in surfactants, foams, emulsions and colloidal particles at interfaces.

He was the Director of the Surfactant and Colloid Group for 15 years, a leading UK research group in surface and colloid chemistry.

A large proportion of Professor Binks' research funding comes from industry as his work is on the fundamental science underpinning the behaviour of many important formulations (food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, paint).

Professor Binks has also recently overseen a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the University and leading edible oils manufacturer AAK.

Pioneered a new area of interface science, that of the behaviour of small solid particles at fluid-fluid interfaces. This is very relevant to e.g. crude oil emulsions, aerated foods and the process of froth flotation.The interfaces include oil-water, air-water, oil-oil, air-oil and water-water.

In addition to investigating the basic science, we have been preparing novel materials involving fluid interfaces ranging from dry water to dry oil to powdered emulsions to multiple emulsions.

Invited by Langmuir to write a feature article of the area which will be published in July 2017.
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PhD Supervision Availability Yes
PhD Topics I welcome applications from BSc or MChem graduates with either a 1st or 2.1 Honours degree and interest in physical chemistry/nanotechnology.

Completed PhDs

I. Marinopoulos, 2016, Photochemical and Evaporation Behaviour of Sunscreen Formulations.