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Biography Over 20 years of research experience and numerous publications in simulation and modelling within computer systems. Research spans parallel programming and dependable systems research at British Aerospace; 2D/3D simulation, modelling and virtual/augmented/mixed reality at the University of Hull. Previous computer-assisted medical systems research encompassed accurate tracking of objects across the cluttered and dynamic environment of an operating theatre, simulation and modelling of both x-ray based imagery, and 2D/3D simulations for medical systems.

Returned to full-time research in 2015, following 3 successive terms as Head of Computer Science. Research now focuses on parallel simulations on the CPU and GPU. Was also the originator of the VIC project, a Virtual Incident Command training system for the FRS incident commanders.
Research Interests Virtual / augmented / mixed reality applications

Parallel simulations on both the CPU and GPU
Teaching and Learning Module leader for:
• Advanced programming (level 5)
• C++ programming and design (level 7)
• Concurrency and games architecture (level 7)

Educating video game developers for over 20 years.
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