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Dr Anna Bird

Research Interests Anna Bird used geochemistry and geochronology along with field observations to establish timing(s) of orogenic events and the provenance of materials like loess and other types of sediment.

Anna has worked materials from all over the Highlands of Scotland and Shetland to better constrain the timing of mountain building events. She has also worked on establishing the provenance of loess from China, Africa and Europe to evaluate the interplay between tectonics and climate on sediment deposition and provenance.
Teaching and Learning Anna Bird is a Programme Director for the Earth Science and Earth and Environmental Science programmes, including all their variants (study abroad and year in industry). She teaches across all levels of the prgrammes and on the Geography programmes. Currently Anna module leads the Earth Science Dissertation module and Igneous and Metamorphic rocks, as well as teaching on modules like Geoscience Fieldcourse and Sedimentology.
Anna loves teaching in the field and leads fieldcourse to UK location like the Isle of Skye, the Lake District and overseas locations like SE Spain.
Scopus Author ID 55554942300