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Biography Dr Sharif Zein is Reader in Chemical Engineering and MSc Coordinator. He has about two decades of experience and research expertise in the valorisation of the biomass and waste plastics which is the foremost global challenge towards the production of biofuel and biomaterials in deriving value from the waste. Sharif also scales up the basic lab works to processes and bio-based products used in the industry. He adapts techniques for use in a different purpose to produce several different types of materials and chemicals that could have applications as fuels or industrial chemicals. Hence, his research could hasten public awareness and improve market uptake of the above bio-based products. He has managed to get with his co-researchers about 40 grants and publish over 140 scientific articles, book chapters, and patents. Some of Dr Sharif’s papers are listed as one of the top 25 hottest articles. For many years, Dr Sharif has received over 50 awards, including special awards and Gold medals for his studies, research, excellence in teaching in and reaction engineering, reactor design, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas and Bioenergy.
Research Interests Biomass and Waste Plastics
Teaching and Learning In terms of teaching, Dr Zein has taught several modules of the Chemical Engineering Curriculum such as Chemical Reaction Engineering, Reactor Design and Analysis, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Organic Chemical Processes, Chemical Engineering Lab I, Chemical Engineering Lab II, Chemical Engineering Lab III, and Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering. . For his teaching, he has received seven (7) Excellent Teaching Awards in the past.

Currently, Dr Zein contributes:

Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering - Level 7 (Module Leader)

Undergraduate MEng final year individual projects - Level 7

MSc individual projects - Level 7

Chemical Reaction Engineering - Level 6 (Module Leader)

Chemical Engineering Design Project - Level 6 – (13 Students)

Undergraduate teaching Labs - Level 4 and 5
Scopus Author ID 6602348447