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Mrs Elaine Skinn

Biography Elaine Skinn is the programme director for the BSc and MSc programmes in gastroenterology care at the University of Hull.

She has 38 years of nursing experience including several years within endoscopy, gastroenterology and surgery. She is also a trained colonoscopist, still training and empowering others in practice with a wealth of knowledge and understanding within these areas of practice.

Elaine's aim is to help students achieve their ambitions to become competent endoscopists and practitioners. She is committed to encouraging and engaging students to develop the skills needed to practice as autonomous practitioners.
Teaching and Learning BSc (Hons) Gastroenterology

- Theoretical Principles of GI Endoscopy

- Gastrointestinal Disease

- Investigation and Management of GI Disease

- Practitioner-Led Clinics within Gastroenterology

- Theoretical Principles of Conscious Sedation

- Enhanced Practice Informed Learning

MSc Gastroenterology Care

- Theoretical Advanced Endoscopy

- Driving Specialist Developments through Contract Learning

- Investigation and Initial Management of GI Disease ii

- Research and Literature Review Methods

- Theoretical Principles of Conscious Sedation ii

- Advanced Practice informed learning

MSc Colonoscopy

- The Practice of Colonoscopy

- Driving Specialist Developments through Contract Learning

- Research and Literature Review methods

- Advanced decision making in practice

- Theoretical Principals of Colonoscopy