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Professor David Bond


David Bond

Programme Director: Geology

Biography My research looks at the record of environmental change during Earth's greatest mass extinctions. Over the past few years my NERC-funded research has examined three crises that occurred between the Middle Permian and end Triassic - an interval of extremes of climate, extinction and evolution - in the Boreal Realm of northern high latitudes.

I am interested in the role of major (large igneous province) volcanism in extinction scenarios, and the effects of warming, oceanic oxygen depletion and acidification on marine ecosystems. I am a field geologist and love to travel - I've worked in >30 countries and my many tonnes of rock samples have led me to write about extinctions from 445 million years ago to the present.

Prior to moving to Hull I worked at the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø, and before that, down the M62 in Leeds. As well as collecting rocks from interesting places, like many a geologist I like cricket and beer. I have qualifications in both!
Research Interests Mass extinctions through Earth history, with particular focus on the role of volcanism, global warming, marine anoxia, and acidification in Earth's greatest catastrophes.
Teaching and Learning I teach on the BSc Geology and the BSc Geology with Physical Geography degree programmes.

I am the module leader for:
- Understanding the Earth
- Earth Resources

I also teach on:
- Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks and Fossils
- Geological Mapping Dissertation
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