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Biography Louis graduated from the University of Hull in 2011 with a Master of Chemistry (MChem) degree. He completed his PhD in PET Radiochemistry with Dr Graham Smith and Dr Chris Cawthorne at the University of Hull in 2014 where he developed novel fluorine-18 radioligands for positron emission tomography (PET) imaging of progesterone receptor expression in breast cancer. In 2014, Louis began three years of post-doctoral work in the Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging, Institute of Cancer Research, London with Dr Graham Smith; notable projects included development of radiolabelled Affibody molecules for imaging HER3 expression, new chelators for zirconium-89 radiochemistry and automation of the aluminium-[18F]fluoride radiolabelling method. In 2017 he moved to the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London to join the group of Prof Eric O. Aboagye as a Research Associate and Chemistry Team Leader. Louis and the team worked on numerous projects from radiolabelled small molecules to biomolecules, with a drive towards progressing molecules into clinical trials. In 2021, Louis re-joined the University of Hull as Lecturer in Translational Radiopharmaceutics to establish his independent research and help deliver the new Molecular Imaging Research Centre (MIRC) at Castle Hill Hospital. The MIRC a partnership between the University of Hull, the Daisy Appeal and the Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, and will bring cutting-edge translational PET research to Hull and the surrounding area.
Research Interests PET Radiochemistry
Automated Radiochemistry
Radiopharmaceutical Development (small-molecules and biomolecules)
Clinical Translation