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Dr Edward Skevington


Edward Skevington

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Post Nominals MSci, PhD
Biography Edward is a mathematical modeller, looking at the equations which describe geophysical fluid dynamics. He did his undergraduate masters at the University of Birmingham in 'Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics', and his PhD at the University of Birmingham with Prof Andrew Hogg in 'Applied Mathematics', looking at shallow water models of currents colliding with obstacles. He is now working on turbidity currents, undersea currents driven by a particle load that may travel over 1000km, depositing microplastics in the deep ocean and burying anthropogenic carbon. Due to the fundamental and mathematical nature of the approach, this work is also relevant to a wide range of applications, such as ventilation flows, powder snow avalanches, and kadiabatic winds.
Research Interests My research focusses on the development, analysis, and simulation of simplified mathematical models describing the flow of fluids, particularly in a geophysical context. My recent focus has been on the development of depth-averaged models for studying open channel flows and gravity currents. I have explored the interaction of these flows with the topography over which the fluid flows, in addition to collisions with isolated obstacles. More recently I have been developing sophisticated models of turbidity currents to predict their flow over great distances.