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Dr Meron Wondemaghen

Biography Programme Director -MSc in Social Research

Dr. Wondemaghen is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology. Her previous roles include teaching in Behavioural Sciences at Monash University (Australia) and Criminology at The University of Southampton.

Wondemaghen is multidisciplinary as a researcher and draws from Criminology, Criminal Law, Mental Health Law, Psychiatry, and Media Studies. Her research includes examining the policing of mentally ill persons in public spaces, the criteria of criminal responsibility for mentally ill offenders, human rights principles for those with mental disability, and media framing of social problems.

Wondemaghen is a heavy consumer of cinema, in particular the crime, thriller & espionage genres and has previously written on the portrayal of mental or personality disorder in critically acclaimed TV shows such as 'Breaking Bad' and 'Homeland'.

Students interested in any of these topics or related ideas are welcome to get in touch for a chat.
Research Interests mental disorder & criminal responsibility; jury decision making; CRPD, decision making capacity & crime; media coverage of social problems; policing mental illness in public spaces
Teaching and Learning Forensic/Criminal Psychology - L6
Mental Health & Society - L6
Analysing Qualitative Data - L7