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Dr Kenneth Wertheim

Biography I am a systems theorist with expertise in mathematical modelling and scientific computing.

I am interested in complex systems. A system consists of components interacting within its boundary with the environment. A complex system has the extra constraint that its properties and behaviours cannot be predicted from those of its components in isolation. Instead, they arise from the interactions among the components in a phenomenon known as emergence.

Four important emergent behaviours are self-organisation, hysteresis, adaptation, and nonlinearity. Self-organisation means unplanned order; hysteresis is the dependence of the system's state on its history; adaptation results in resilience in the face of environmental changes; nonlinearity means systemic outputs are not proportional to environmental inputs. They are possible because of properties such as agency, heterogeneity, control loops, nested structures, and open boundaries.

Complex systems are found in many disciplines. Prominent examples include chemical plants, embryos, immune systems, tumours, nervous systems, ecosystems, stock markets, social groups, and languages. I am mostly interested in biological systems with medical applications.

Currently, I am investigating the origin, nature, and treatment of neuroblastoma. Please visit my personal website for more information.
Research Interests Complex systems, systems biology, and computational medicine.
Teaching and Learning MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.