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Self assembly of two dimensional colloidal alloys for metamaterials applications

People Involved

Dr Ali Adawi

Dr Ali Adawi
Senior Lecturer in Physics

Project Description

The systematic design and construction of materials and devices based on structure at the nanoscale has been identified by the EPSRC as a key challenge and focal point for future research in the UK. A major challenge in this area is to engineer metal/dielectric composite structures on the nanometer scale (below the wavelength of light) as this leads to a new class of materials, collectively known as metamaterials, which exhibit unusual optical properties such as negative permeability and refractive index . The nanoscale metal/dielectric composite structures can also support collective electronic oscillations (known as plasmonic resonances) that can couple to electromagnetic radiation and modify the emission intensity and directionality of an active material placed in close proximity. These unique optical properties allow us to manipulate light to an unprecedented degree, opening new areas of research such as perfect lenses, nanophotonic devices, integrated optical circuits, high efficiency solar cells, bio-sensors etc. It is therefore not surprising that in a recent review of its research portfolio, “Photonic materials and metamaterials” has been identified by the EPSRC as a priority area for increased funding.

Type of Project Project
Status Project Complete
Funder(s) Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
Value £654,933.00
Project Dates Jan 26, 2015 - Mar 25, 2018