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Volcanic and climatic impacts on Permian biota across Russian ecological zones

People Involved

 David Bond

David Bond
Programme Director: Geology

Project Description

This project will reconstruct the Permian palaeoenvironmental history from field sites in Russia. The aim is to test the multiple effects of repeated episodes of “large igneous province” volcanism (which is linked to cooling, warming, oxygen depletion, and ocean acidification) on Permian ecosystems across different climatic zones. Our field sites represent subtropical (South Primorye), temperate (East European Platform) and northerly high latitude (Omolon, Siberia) settings. By generating a 50 Myr-long palaeontological and geochemical record from three regions, our data will allow a rigorous test of latitudinal bias to environmental change and extinction susceptibility. The research is intended to inform debate on modern environmental change and the protection of key ecological niches.

Type of Project Project
Status Project Complete
Funder(s) Royal Society
Value £12,000.00
Project Dates Aug 1, 2015 - Jul 31, 2017

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