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Youth-led Adaptation for climate change challenges in Vietnam: social action, inter-generational and inter-cultural learning

People Involved

Florence Halstead

Daniel Parsons

Christopher Hackney

Gethin Owen

Project Description

This research develops creative, youth-led perspectives and action on climate challenges facing one of the most populous, economically important and ethnically diverse areas in Vietnam. Young people working together in partnership, will be supported in seeking to identify imaginative ways to mitigate climate change challenges in the Red River basin, where hydrological extremes, landslides and soil erosion in the upper basin are increasingly having impacts whilst relative sea-level rises in the delta region are increasing the frequency and magnitude of flooding. Youth-led work will explore how local, traditional and indigenous knowledges can develop understandings and strengthen local and societal resilience through an innovative partnership approach, incorporating peer-to-peer, intergenerational and cross-/intercultural forms of collaborative learning. Drawing upon a decolonised, participatory action research approach, the project will result in innovative forms of knowledge exchange rooted in these diverse ways of knowing, through the creation of culturally-specific forms of affective and aesthetic expression.

Status Project Complete
Funder(s) British Academy
Value £252,200.00
Project Dates Mar 20, 2020 - Jan 31, 2022

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