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Resilient humanitarianism: A History of The League of Red Cross Societies, 1919-1991

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Project Description

Global humanitarian crises are at a significant high due to ongoing conflict and natural disasters. Nation states, bodies such as the United Nations and humanitarian organisations seem incapable of offering lasting solutions to intractable situations. This project aims to advance the concept of resilient humanitarianism through an historical investigation of one humanitarian body, the League of Red Cross Societies, from its inception to the end of the Cold War. It takes an innovative interdisciplinary approach to the evolution of humanitarianism, voluntary action and global civil society during a turbulent twentieth century. This historical analysis can inform humanitarian policy, debates and practice of the present and future.

Status Project Live
Funder(s) Australian Research Council
Value £8,181.00
Project Dates Mar 1, 2019 - Feb 28, 2023

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