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From photoinduced to dark cytotoxicity via an octahedral cluster hydrolysis

Svezhentseva, Ekaterina V.; Vorotnikov, Yuri A.; Solovieva, Anastasiya O.; Pozmogova, Tatiana N.; Eltsov, Ilia V.; Ivanov, Anton A.; Evtushok, Darya V.; Miroshnichenko, Svetlana M.; Yanshole, Vadim V.; Eling, Charlotte J.; Adawi, Ali M.; Bouillard, Jean Sebastien G.; Kuratieva, Natalia V.; Fufaeva, Maria S.; Shestopalova, Lidiya V.; Mironov, Yuri V.; Efremova, Olga A.; Shestopalov, Michael A.


Ekaterina V. Svezhentseva

Yuri A. Vorotnikov

Anastasiya O. Solovieva

Tatiana N. Pozmogova

Ilia V. Eltsov

Anton A. Ivanov

Darya V. Evtushok

Svetlana M. Miroshnichenko

Vadim V. Yanshole

Charlotte J. Eling

Natalia V. Kuratieva

Maria S. Fufaeva

Lidiya V. Shestopalova

Yuri V. Mironov

Olga A. Efremova

Michael A. Shestopalov


Octahedral molybdenum and tungsten clusters have potential biological applications in photodynamic therapy and bioimaging. However, poor solubility and hydrolysis stability of these compounds hinder their application. The first water-soluble photoluminescent octahedral tungsten cluster [{W6I8}(DMSO)6](NO3)4 was synthesised and demonstrated to be at least one order of magnitude more stable towards hydrolysis than its molybdenum analogue. Biological studies of the compound on larynx carcinoma cells suggest that it has a significant photoinduced toxicity, while the dark toxicity increases with the increase of the degree of hydrolysis. The increase of the dark toxicity is associated with the in situ generation of nanoparticles that clog up the cisternae of rough endoplasmic reticulum.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Dec 5, 2018
Journal Chemistry - A European Journal
Print ISSN 0947-6539
Electronic ISSN 1521-3765
Publisher Wiley
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 24
Issue 68
Pages 17915-17920
APA6 Citation Svezhentseva, E. V., Vorotnikov, Y. A., Solovieva, A. O., Pozmogova, T. N., Eltsov, I. V., Ivanov, A. A., …Shestopalov, M. A. (2018). From photoinduced to dark cytotoxicity via an octahedral cluster hydrolysis. Chemistry : a European journal, 24(68), 17915-17920.
Keywords General Chemistry; Cluster compounds; Molybdenum; Tungsten; Hydrolysis; Cytotoxicity
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