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The Conservative-Liberal Coalition: Examining the Cameron-Clegg Government

Beech, Matt; Lee, Simon


Dr Simon Lee
Senior Lecturer/ Faculty Ethics Committee



This book offers a unique full term analysis of the Cameron-Clegg Government. From austerity to gay marriage, the Scottish referendum to combating IS, it brings together expert academic voices to provide rigorous yet readable insights on the key areas of government politics and the debates which will shape the 2015 general election.

Book Type Edited Book
Publication Date Jan 1, 2015
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Pages 1-282
ISBN 9781349498918; 9781137461377
APA6 Citation M. Beech, & S. Lee (Eds.), (2015). The Conservative-Liberal Coalition: Examining the Cameron-Clegg Government. doi:10.1057/9781137461377
Keywords Conservative Party; Liberal Democrats; Coalition; Cameron; Clegg; Austerity; British Politics; General Election; Policy; Election; Conflict; Constitution; Economy; European Union (EU); Foreign policy; Government; Human rights; Immigration; Migration; Parl
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