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Biography Simon Lee teaches and researches in the fields of political economy, UK politics and government, globalisation and governance studies.

He has a particular interest in the politics, political economy, government and identity of England.

Simon is the author of two books on Gordon Brown, Best for Britain? The Politics and Legacy of Gordon Brown and Boom and Bust The Politics and Legacy of Gordon Brown, and the co-author of The Political Economy of Modern Britain, a book of which he wrote two-thirds of the content.

With Matt Beech, he has co-edited five books on UK governments from May 1997 onwards, the most recent of which is The Conservative-Liberal Coalition: Examining The Cameron-Clegg Government. Simon has also co-edited two other books.

Simon Lee has also contributed to 26 other books, two encyclpaedia of political economy, and a couple of dictionaries of the social sciences.
Teaching and Learning Current Undergraduate Teaching:

- Introduction to The Politics of the World Economy

- Understanding America

-Contemporary Political Issues

- Understanding and Rethinking Political Economy

- UK Politics in An Age of Austerity and Brexit

-Long Dissertation

-One Trimester Dissertation

-Paths of Research

Current Postgraduate Teaching:

-Challenges in International Politics

-Masters Dissertation

-Approaches to Research

Past Undergraduate Teaching:

-British Government

-The Political Economy of Japan

-The Political Economy of Modern Britain: The Pattern of Decline

-The Political Economy of Britain: Explanations of Decline

-The International Political Economy of The Industrialised World

-The International Political Economy of The Developing World

- The World We're In: Globalization and Democratic Governance in Practice

-Introduction to Globalization

-The State We're In

- Long Dissertation

- Short Dissertation

Past Postgraduate Teaching:

- Political Economy in Perspective

- Globalization and Governance in Practice
-Governing Global Finance

- Political Economy of Development

-The Redefinition of The Role of The State

-Political Economy of Competitiveness

-Political Economy of Development and The Environment

-Developmental States in Transition

- Dissertation
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