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A route to unbuffered pH monitoring: A novel electrochemical approach

Dai, Chencheng; Chan, Chun-Wai I.; Barrow, William; Smith, Anna; Song, Peng; Potier, Francois; Wadhawan, Jay D.; Fisher, Adrian C.; Lawrence, Nathan S.


Chencheng Dai

Chun-Wai I. Chan

William Barrow

Anna Smith

Peng Song

Francois Potier

Adrian C. Fisher

Nathan S. Lawrence


Carbon paste electrodes modified by various dihydroxyquinone derivatives are investigated using both cyclic voltammetry and square wave voltammetry in order to ascertain suitability as voltammetric pH sensors. These electrodes show a Nernstian response to the change of pH, with a potential shift close to the theoretical value, 59.2 mV per pH unit at 298 K. Moreover, their capability of measuring the pH of the unbuffered solution with less than 5% error can be attributed to the occurrence of both inter- and intra- molecular hydrogen bonding present within the system. The efficacy of the compounds to be used as materials for solid state pH sensors is discussed.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date 2016-02
Journal Electrochimica Acta
Print ISSN 0013-4686
Publisher Elsevier
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 190
Pages 879-886
APA6 Citation Dai, C., Chan, C. I., Barrow, W., Smith, A., Song, P., Potier, F., …Lawrence, N. S. (2016). A route to unbuffered pH monitoring: A novel electrochemical approach. Electrochimica acta, 190, 879-886.
Keywords pH sensor; Unbuffered media; Carbon paste; Dihydroxyquinone derivatives; Hydrogen bonding
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