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The Preschool Transition in Latin America: is it the same process than in developed countries?

Urbina Garcia, Angel


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Dr Angel Urbina Garcia
Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes and Lecturer in Early Childhood


The main aim of this study was to explore the perceptions of transition between preschool and first grade primary school held by teachers, headteachers and parents in the public education system in Mexico City. The preschool transition-research has suggested a number of negative impacts on personal and professional development to those people who do not experience a smooth transition. Additionally, there is no research in this respect in Latin American contexts. Ecological and Dynamic Model of Transitions (Rimm-Kauffman & Pianta, 2000) is used in this study to understand not only how the contexts but also the community involved, play a major role in supporting children during this change. This study used a mixed-methods approach including questionnaires and interviews for participants from public schools. Ethical approval was obtained from authorities as well as individual consent from participants. Results revealed that teachers moderately used some practices, whilst some practices were not used. Teachers rarely carry out activities with families and other teachers. Children's problems mostly focused on behaviour and following directions. Working in the same school for a number of years, predicted more family involvement in school matters. Preschool teachers attending specialised courses reported more children's problems. Parents and headteachers are aware of this change however, both parents and headteachers do not employ a range of effective transition practices to support children. These findings shed light on the way in which this transition is experienced in a Latin American context which can aid in the modification/creation of educational policies supporting this transition.

Presentation Conference Type Speech
Start Date Aug 23, 2016
APA6 Citation Urbina Garcia, A. (2016, August). The Preschool Transition in Latin America: is it the same process than in developed countries?. Presented at European Early Childhood Research Association Annual Conference (EECERA)
Keywords Preschool transition; Primary school transition; Preschool children; Kindergarten; Mexican schools
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