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Micronutrients and bioactive compounds in oral inflammatory diseases

Kaur, Kiranjit; Sculley, Dean; Wallace, Janet; Turner, Alexandria; Ferraris, Celeste; Veysey, Martin; Lucock, Mark; Beckett, Emma L.


Kiranjit Kaur

Dean Sculley

Janet Wallace

Alexandria Turner

Celeste Ferraris

Martin Veysey

Mark Lucock

Emma L. Beckett


Oral disorders are a significant public health concern. Oral inflammatory diseases are periodontal infections, oral mucosal lesions, pulpal and periapical lesions. The aetiology is multi-factorial and usually associated with a microbial origin, often driven by the overconsumption of free sugars. However, the role of micronutrients in these processes is now becoming apparent. Most of these studies have emphasised on systemic inflammation, but now the trends have shifted towards the role of micronutrients in oral inflammation. The progression of periodontal disease and healing of the periodontal tissues can be modulated by nutritional status. There are numerous degenerative changes in oral mucosa which have been observed during specific micronutrient deficiencies. Recent studies have advocated the use of dietary supplementation of particular micronutrients to treat the oral inflammatory lesions along with their standard treatment procedures. The micronutrient supplementation can be orally administered or locally delivered. Previously reviewed articles usually lacked compiled information regarding all oral inflammatory diseases. The current review provides an insight into the role of nutrition in oral inflammatory diseases, including periodontal disorders, oral mucosal lesions, pulpal and periapical lesions.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date 2019-12
Journal Journal of Nutrition & Intermediary Metabolism
Print ISSN 2352-3859
Publisher Elsevier
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 18
Article Number 100105
APA6 Citation Kaur, K., Sculley, D., Wallace, J., Turner, A., Ferraris, C., Veysey, M., …Beckett, E. L. (2019). Micronutrients and bioactive compounds in oral inflammatory diseases. Journal of Nutrition and Intermediary Metabolism, 18,