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Isothiocyanates: Promising Chemical Substance for Environmental Remediation

Vashisht, Devika; Ibhadon, Alex


Devika Vashisht

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Dr Alex Ibhadon
Reader, Catalysis and Reactor Engineering for Energy Generation and Chemical Synthesis


Surinder Kumar Mehta

Shweta Sharma 


The lack of proper waste management as well as enforcement policies in many countries of the world have resulted in environmental pollution problems including the discharge of pollutants into water from many sources, including agriculture, tannery industries, micro-plastics, industrial and domestic waste. Wastewater effluents are significant contributors to a number of water and soil pollution problems. Scientific and technological advancements have benefited society, however, , the environmental pollution resulting from the discharge of contaminants, especially from industrial and agricultural sources is a major concern for the environment and society, creating the need for new and effective research in wastewater treatment, industrial discharge management, water and soil remediation technologies and management. Among the water availability problems faced globally, obtaining safe and clean water is a problem that needs the urgent attention of the scientific and research communities. This chapter summarizes the potential applications of isothiocyanates as promising materials for water and soil clean-up. The exploitation of isothiocyanates as chemical substances to eliminate pathogens in water and soil due to their good antimicrobial action is also highlighted. Isothiocyanates have versatile applications such as elimination of toxic metal ions from water and soil, metal nanoparticles (Nps) from aqueous medium, extraction of gold from electronic waste, adsorption of organic pollutants such as dyes, and antimicrobial action against pathogens in water and soil.


Vashisht, D., & Ibhadon, A. (2021). Isothiocyanates: Promising Chemical Substance for Environmental Remediation. In S. K. Mehta, & S. Sharma  (Eds.), Spectrum of Isothiocyanate Chemistry and its Applications (271-292). Nova Science Publishers

Online Publication Date Dec 8, 2020
Publication Date Jan 5, 2021
Deposit Date Jun 29, 2020
Publisher Nova Science Publishers
Pages 271-292
Series Title Chemistry Research and Applications
Book Title Spectrum of Isothiocyanate Chemistry and its Applications
Chapter Number 12
ISBN 9781536164787
Keywords Isothiocyanates; Soil pollution; Water pollution; Environmental remediation; Disinfection; Heavy metal ions; Nanoparticle removal
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Contract Date May 11, 2020