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State crime: a dialectical view

Green, P; Green, Penny; Ward, Tony


P Green

Penny Green

Tony Ward


Mike Maguire

Rod Morgan

Robert Reiner


This chapter, which examines state crime, which includes genocide, war crimes, torture, police violence, and ‘grand corruption’ (the ruling elite's organised plunder of national resources, first proposes a definition that views state crime as a form of organisational deviance involving the violation of human rights. After analysing the extent of plainly criminal state activity in the world today, it outlines a dialectical approach to explain state crime and evaluate some of the innovative methods currently employed in state crime research. The chapter then considers states as criminal actors and academic work on state crime.

Publication Date Apr 12, 2012
Journal The Oxford handbook of criminology
Publisher Oxford University Press (OUP)
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Pages 717-740
Edition 5th
Book Title The Oxford handbook of criminology
ISBN 978-0-19959-027-8
APA6 Citation Green, P., & Ward, T. (2012). State crime: a dialectical view. In M. Maguire, R. Morgan, & R. Reiner (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of criminology, 717-740. (5th). Oxford University Press (OUP). doi:10.1093/he/9780199590278.003.0024
Keywords State crime; Genocide; War crimes; Torture; Police violence; Grand corruption; Organisational deviance; Human rights; State crime research; Criminal actors
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