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On-chip diamagnetic repulsion in continuous flow

Tarn, Mark D.; Hirota, Noriyuki; Iles, Alexander; Pamme, Nicole


Mark D. Tarn

Noriyuki Hirota

Alexander Iles


We explore the potential of a microfluidic continuous flow particle separation system based on the repulsion of diamagnetic materials from a high magnetic field. Diamagnetic polystyrene particles in paramagnetic manganese (II) chloride solution were pumped into a microfluidic chamber and their deflection behaviour in a high magnetic field applied by a superconducting magnet was investigated. Two particle sizes (5 and 10 mu m) were examined in two concentrations of MnCl2 (6 and 10%). The larger particles were repelled to a greater extent than the smaller ones, and the effect was greatly enhanced when the particles were suspended in a higher concentration of MnCl2. These findings indicate that the system could be viable for the separation of materials of differing size and/or diamagnetic susceptibility, and as such could be suitable for the separation and sorting of small biological species for subsequent studies.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date May 22, 2009
Print ISSN 1468-6996
Electronic ISSN 1878-5514
Publisher National Institute for Materials Science
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 10
Issue 1
Pages 014611 - 014611
APA6 Citation Tarn, M. D., Hirota, N., Iles, A., & Pamme, N. (2009). On-chip diamagnetic repulsion in continuous flow. Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 10(1), 014611 - 014611.