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Ten Years of New Labour

Beech, Matt; Lee, Simon


Dr Simon Lee
Senior Lecturer/ Faculty Ethics Committee


Drawing upon the expertise of a team of established researchers, Ten Years of New Labour provides a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of the ideas, institutions and policies that shaped the Blair Governments' decade in office. The reader is provided with a critical analysis of the key domestic policy choices, including New Labour's agenda and legacy for economic and social policy, constitutional reform, including the impact upon Westminster and the Office of the Prime Minister, and the Labour Party's relationship with the trades union. The impact of the Blair Governments' policy choices overseas are explored through evaluations of defence policy, Tony Blair's 'liberal interventionism' in international politics, and New Labour's relationship with the European Union.

Book Type Edited Book
Publication Date Feb 29, 2008
Pages -
ISBN 978-0-23057-443-4
APA6 Citation (2008). Ten Years of New Labour