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Post-Communist and Post-Soviet Parliaments: The Initial Decade

Lord Norton of Louth, Philip



The sudden collapse of communism stimulated both the rapid emergence of fledgling democracies and scholarly attention to the post-communist transition. These newly democratized parliaments have been described as "parliaments in adolescence". This book identifies six parliaments which exemplify the wide range of developments in the new post-communist political systems, from the stable consolidated democracies to the less stable and more authoritarian states, within which their respective parliaments function. Finally the post-communist parliaments are compared with the presumptively more established west European parliaments. This book bridges the usual gap in research between the post-communist parliaments and more "normal" democratic parliaments to develop a common legislative research perspective on both new and established parliaments.


Lord Norton of Louth, P. (2007). Post-Communist and Post-Soviet Parliaments: The Initial Decade. Routledge

Book Type Edited Book
Acceptance Date Dec 20, 2007
Publication Date Dec 20, 2007
Series Number 23
ISBN 978-0-41536-557-4
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