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Physical chemistry examinations

Ibhadon, Alex


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Dr Alex Ibhadon
Reader, Catalysis and Reactor Engineering


This book was written to meet the needs and demands of students who find studying physical chemistry a difficult and at times a frustrating experience. I have observed over several years of teaching this subject at the undergraduate level that students are unrelenting in their desire for so called ‘worked examples’ and answers to ‘typical examination’ questions. This guide has been prepared primarily to meet this need and assist students at the early years of the undergraduate degree programme in chemistry and chemical engineering understand this subject better and perhaps appreciate the relevance and beauty of the entire subject as a whole. Worked examples have been provided in every chapter as well as exercises and ‘typical examination questions’. Care has been taken to ensure that worked examples have been explained on a step by step basis to avoid confusion and misunderstanding on the part of the reader. Units used(S.I units) have been explained throughout and a reasonably good grounding in mathematics is assumed throughout this book. This guide is also aimed at the physical chemistry lecturer/teacher who will discover that students are the same everywhere in their desire for ‘worked examples’, tutorials and solutions to ‘typical examination questions’. This revision guide is thus a useful companion to the physical chemistry lecturer and teacher as well as his/her students. It is not a replacement for an appropriate and more comprehensive text on the subject and students of physical chemistry are advised to avail themselves of such texts. 


Ibhadon, A. (2010). Physical chemistry examinations. Nova Science

Book Type Authored Book
Acceptance Date Jan 1, 2010
Publication Date Jan 1, 2010
ISBN 978-1-60692-345-0
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