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First evidence for interpersonal violence in Ukraine's Trypillian farming culture : Individual 3 from Verteba Cave, Bilche Zolote

Lillie, Malcolm; Potiekhina, I. D.‏; Nikitin, Alexey G.; Sokhatsky, Mykhailo P.


Alexey Nikitin

I D Potiekhina

Mykhailo Sokhatsky


This paper presents the initial stages of an interdisciplinary study of human skeletal remains interred at Verteba Cave, western Ukraine. This site has been described previously as a “ritual site of the Trypillian culture complex” by Nikitin et al. in Comprehensive site chronology and ancient mitochondrial DNA analysis from Verteba Cave – a Trypillian culture site of Eneolithic Ukraine, Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica: Natural Sciences in Archaeology 1, 9–18., and the material considered here is one of seven crania recovered during excavations at Verteba between 2008 and 2010. Palaeopathological analysis of the individual considered here indicates that this is a young adult female with evidence for peri-mortem injury, cranial surgery and into early stage Trypillia culture inter-personal interactions and burial ritual in this region of Ukraine. Paper published in Proceedings of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology 13th and 14th Annual Conferences in Edinburgh (2nd-4th September 2011) and Bournemouth (14th–16th September 2012).

Book Type Book Chapter
Journal Trends in biological anthropology
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Volume 1
Series Title Trends in biological anthropology
Book Title Trends in biological anthropology
Chapter Number 6
ISBN 9781782978367
Keywords Violent interactions, Cranial surgery, Body processing
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