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Estimation of cardiovascular patient risk with a Bayesian network

Bohacik, Jan; Davis, Darryl


Jan Bohacik


Cardiovascular decision-making support experiences increasing research interest of scientists.Ongoing collaborations between clinicians and computer scientists are looking at the application of datamining techniques to the area of individual patient diagnosis, based on clinical records. An investigation of aBayesian network learnt according to a generated decision tree with cardiovascular data for estimation ofpatient risk in cardiovascular domains is presented. Promising experimental results are also provided.

Start Date Jun 27, 2011
Publication Date Jun 27, 2011
Pages 129-132
ISBN 978-80-554-0372-4
APA6 Citation Bohacik, J., & Davis, D. (2011, June). Estimation of cardiovascular patient risk with a Bayesian network. Presented at Transcom 2011
Keywords Classification; Cardiology; Bayesian networks; Medical data mining