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Silicon imidonitride aerogel exhibiting macro- and meso-dual porosity

Rocher, Vincent; Kelly, Stephen M.; Hector, Andrew L.


Vincent Rocher

Andrew L. Hector


Porous silicon imidonitride aerogels have been produced by combining a sol-gel process based on [Si(NH2)(NMe2)3] and ammonia that is known for producing xerogels with controlled mesoporosity, with a supercritical drying process using diethylamine to minimize collapse of the gel structure. The silicon imidonitride aerogel product takes the form of a porous monolith exhibiting two populations of pores in a hierarchical structure. The mesopores can be linked to the precursor system employed, whilst the macropores are consistent with the porosity of related aerogel systems.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Jul 1, 2012
Print ISSN 1387-1811
Publisher Elsevier
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 156
Pages 196-201
APA6 Citation Rocher, V., Kelly, S. M., & Hector, A. L. (2012). Silicon imidonitride aerogel exhibiting macro- and meso-dual porosity. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 156, 196-201.
Keywords General Materials Science; Mechanics of Materials; General Chemistry; Condensed Matter Physics
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