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Hyperbaric oxygen restores the antioxidant defence mechansim following exercise in patients with intermittent claudication

Abidia, A; Kuhan, G; Laden, G; Bahia, H; Chetter, Ian; Greenman, J; McCollum, P


A Abidia

G Kuhan

G Laden

H Bahia

Ian Chetter

P McCollum


BACKGROUND: Intermittent claudication represents a minor ischaemia reperfusion episode. Exposure to hyperbaric oxygen during such episodes is a concern to many vascular surgeons because of the theoretical risk of generating excess free radicals. We aimed to investigate the effect of exercise on plasma total nitric oxide and red cell glutathione levels in claudicants during hyperbaric oxygen therapy. METHODS: 4 normal subjects (NS) and 5 patients (claudicants) with peripheral arterial disease exercised to fatigue (NS) or to the limit of pain (claudicants). Venous blood samples were taken before and one minute after exercise. Claudicants repeated the same test while breathing 100percent oxygen at 2.4 atmospheres of pressure. RESULTS: Mean red cell glutathione levels was significantly reduced after exercise in claudicants, from 1211 +/-425 to 1069 +/-435 mM (p=0.043, Wilcoxon), while the levels increased in NS from 1526 +/-229 to 1727 +/-55 mM, (p=0.032, Mann-Whitney). In contrast, mean plasma total nitric oxide levels increased after exercise in claudicants from 337 +/-125 to 431 +/-126 mmol/L compared with 222 +/-49 to 309 +/-130 mmol/L in NS. Under hyperbaric oxygen conditions, exercise produced a paradoxical increase in mean red cell glutathione levels (compared with breathing air) in the claudicants group, rising from 1350 +/-552 to 1502 +/- 307 mM. CONCLUSION: Exercise to the limit of pain does not compromise nitric oxide availability but results in a significant reduction in the antioxidant defence mechanism. Hyperbaric oxygen administration normalised the glutathione response to exercise in claudicants despite the ischaemic episode and therefore warrants further research.

Journal Article Type Meeting Abstract
Publication Date 2001
Publisher Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc.
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 28
Issue 32
Pages 0 - 0
APA6 Citation Abidia, A., Kuhan, G., Laden, G., Bahia, H., Chetter, I., Greenman, J., & McCollum, P. (2001). Hyperbaric oxygen restores the antioxidant defence mechansim following exercise in patients with intermittent claudication. Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society meeting abstracts, 28(32), 0 - 0
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