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Future scope and directions of nanotechnology in creating next-generation supercapacitors

Kiamahalleh, Meisam Valizadeh; Zein, S. H. S.


Meisam Valizadeh Kiamahalleh


The primary global research scheme of the 21st century is nanotechnology. Looking forward to the future, nanotechnologies’ generalized diffusion will seem to turn them into supplies, generating more space for privileged and superior values of applications such as information technology, nanoenergy, nanobiotechnologies, and nanomaterials.1-5 In general, nanotechnology is the understanding and controlling of the matters of dimensions of approximately 1-100 nm, in which a unique phenomenon facilitates novel applications.2 The application domains covered by nanotechnology are discussed in detail in this chapter.

Book Type Book Chapter
Publication Date Feb 21, 2014
Journal Nanostructured ceramic oxides for supercapacitor applications
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Pages 153-190
Book Title Nanostructured Ceramic Oxides for Supercapacitor Applications
ISBN 9781466576902; 9781466576919
Keywords Nanotechnology
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