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A computational framework for aesthetical navigation in musical search space

Arshi, Sahar; Davis, Darryl N., 1955-


Paper presented at 3rd AISB symposium on computational creativity, AISB 2016, 4-6th April, Sheffield. Abstract. This article addresses aspects of an ongoing project in the generation of artificial Persian (-like) music. Liquid Persian Music software (LPM) is a cellular automata based audio generator. In this paper LPM is discussed from the view point of future potentials of algorithmic composition and creativity. Liquid Persian Music is a creative tool, enabling exploration of emergent audio through new dimensions of music composition. Various configurations of the system produce different voices which resemble musical motives in many respects. Aesthetical measurements are determined by Zipf’s law in an evolutionary environment. Arranging these voices together for producing a musical corpus can be considered as a search problem in the LPM outputs space of musical possibilities. On this account, the issues toward defining the search space for LPM is studied throughout this paper.

Journal Proceedings of AISB 2016's third international symposium on computational creativity (CC2016)
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Pages 24-31
Keywords Liquid Persian Music
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PUB 2016-05-05 13207 Davis Query with conference.pdf (824 Kb)

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