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Forensic hypnosis

Mazzoni, Giuliana; Green, Joseph P.; Kirsch, Irving; Lemons, Peter; Lilienfeld, Scott O.; Lynn, Steven Jay


Giuliana Mazzoni

Joseph P. Green

Irving Kirsch

Peter Lemons

Scott O. Lilienfeld

Steven Jay Lynn


Hypnosis has long generated controversy as a recall enhancement method. Concerns about hypnosis are warranted by findings of a tradeoff between the number of memories recalled and memory accuracy. Moreover, witnesses often express confidence in hypnotically augmented remembrances, regardless of their accuracy, increasing the risk jurors will be biased based on convincing yet inaccurate information. Although misleading questions appear to be equally or more problematic, raising concerns about singling out hypnosis as a uniquely prejudicial technique, other recall improvement methods (e.g., cognitive interview and asking individuals to do their best to recall target events) appear to pose less memory risks than hypnotic procedures.

Journal Encyclopedia of Clinical Psychology
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Pages 1-3
ISBN 9780470671276
APA6 Citation Mazzoni, G., Green, J. P., Kirsch, I., Lemons, P., Lilienfeld, S. O., & Lynn, S. J. Forensic hypnosis.
Keywords Hypnosis, Suggestibility, Memory
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