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Macroeconomic policy coordination in the global economy : VAR and BVAR-DSGE analyses

Bhattarai, Keshab; Mallick, Sushanta K.


Impulse response and variance decomposition estimations are similar in traditional VAR (1) and BVAR-DSGE models but the later model can provide theoretical and structural reasons behind those estimations. In the context of growth competition and spill over e¤ects of policies, it is important to quantify such positive or complementary from negative or competitive impacts so that appropriate actions could be taken for policy coordination. Cooperative mechanism should be structured based on these analysis and evaluation of likely scenarios in coming years. Analysis of business cycle results from the VAR and BVAR-DSGE models illustrate the degree of interactions and interdependence in the global economy in the short to medium runs.

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Keywords Macro policy coordination, Growth, India, US, China
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