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Biography Keshab Bhattarai is a senior lecturer in economics, specialising in general equilibrium analysis of macro and micro economic policy issues and econometrics. He had published solely or with co-authors in the following refereed journals:
International Economic Review, Economica, Economic Letters, Journal of International Money and Finance, Review of International Economics, Manchester School, Southern Economic Journal, German Economic Review, Economic Modelling, Economic Record, Applied Economics, Applied Financial Economics, Empirical Economics, Review of Development Economics, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Atlantic Economic Journal, Journal of International Economics and Economic Policy, International Advances in Economics Research, Applied Financial Economics Letters.

Dr Bhattarai is involved in teaching advanced macroeconomics, advanced microeconomics and econometric analysis for PhD students, economics and research methods for MSc students, and macroeconomics at undergraduate level.

Dr Bhattarai has also served as an external examiner of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and PhD theses for reputed universities in the UK and abroad.

He has given seminars to other departments and presented papers and chaired sessions regularly in high level conferences including the RES, AEA, EEA, EEFS, AIEFS and IAES.

Led dynamic general equilibrium modelling tasks of the energy sector under the Supergen research project from 2005-2007 in the University of Hull.

Contributed to the dynamic general equilibrium modelling of the US economy with colleagues at the Beaconhill Institute of the Suffolk University, Boston, USA for analysis of tax reform proposals of presidential candidates in the general election 2016 under a large scale grant (£75000) from the National Council for Policy Analysis in Texas, US. Results of an earlier study (grant $10000) on the impacts of fair tax system led to papers for policy debates in 2006-2007 and a publication in the IEEP in 2016. Earlier he worked on EU economy model (grant £5000) under EU policy framework II programme.
More recently he had British Academy grant (£10,000) to develop a CGE model of Vietnam for tax policy analysis for collaboration with Dr Chan Van Nguyen of the National Economy University of Vietnam. This led to a Hull PhD thesis by Thi Kim Nguyen from there.

Invited speaker to universities and institutions in the UK and India, such as UWE and Loughborough Universities in the UK, the Economics and Growth Institute in Delhi, the University of Hyderabad in India, and TU and KU in Kathmandu.

Key Publications
1. Bhattarai K. and J Whalley (2003) Discreteness and the Welfare Cost of Labour Supply Tax Distortions, International Economic Review 44:3:1117-1133, August.
2. Bhattarai K and John Whalley (2009) Redistribution Effects of Transfers, Economica, 76:3:413-431.
3. Bhattarai K., S. Mallick and Bo Yang (2020) Are Global Spillovers Complementary or Competitive? Need for International Policy Coordination, Journal of International Money and Finance, ( )
4. Basu, P., Bhattarai, K. and Getachew, Y., (2019). Capital adjustment cost and inconsistency in income‐based dynamic panel models with fixed effects. German Economic Review, 20(4): e1002–e1018.
5. Bhattarai K and H. Dixon (2014) Equilibrium Unemployment in a General Equilibrium Model with Taxes, The Manchester School, 82, S1, 90-128
6. Bhattarai K, P. Bachman, F. Conte, J. Haughton, M. Head, D. G. Tuerck (2018) Tax plan debates in the US presidential election: A dynamic CGE analysis of growth and redistribution trade-offs, Economic Modelling, 68, 529-542
7. Haughton J, Bhattarai K, P. Backman and D. G. Tuerck (2017) The Distributional Effects of the Trump and Clinton Tax Proposals, Atlantic Economic Journal, 45(4), pp.453-472.
8. Bhattarai K (2016) Unemployment-Inflation Trade-Offs in OECD Countries, Economic Modelling, 58, 93-103.
9. Bhattarai K (2015) Financial Deepening and Economic Growth in Advanced and Emerging Economies, The Review of Development Economics, 19(1), 178-195
10. Bhattarai K and D Trzeciakiewicz (2017) Macroeconomic-impacts of fiscal policy-shocks in the UK: A DSGE analysis, Economic Modelling, 61, 321-338.
11. Basu P. and K. Bhattarai (2012) Government Bias in Education, Schooling Attainment and Long-run Growth, Southern Economic Journal, 79(1), 127-143.
12. Basu P. and K. Bhattarai (2012) Cognitive Skills, Openness and Growth, the Economic Record, 88: 280: March: 18-38.
13. Bhattarai K (2011) General Equilibrium Impacts of Monetary and Fiscal Policies on Welfare of Households in South Asia, the Review of Development Economics, 15:4:745-757, Oct
14. Bhattarai K and J Whalley (2006), Division and Size of Gains from Liberalization of Trade in Services, Review of International Economics, 14:3:348-361, August.
15. Bhattarai K., M. Ghosh and J. Whalley (1999) On some properties of a trade closure widely used in numerical modelling, Economics Letters, 62:1:13-21, January
16. Bhattarai K. and J. Whalley (1999) Role of labour demand elasticities in tax incidence analysis with heterogeneity of labour, Empirical Economics, 24:4:.599-620, November.
Teaching and Learning Undergraduate

- Dissertation

- Empirical Economics

- Further Economic Analysis


- Advanced Macroeconomics

- Advanced Microeconomics

- Econometric Analysis
Scopus Author ID 6701329620
PhD Supervision Availability Yes
PhD Topics Dr Bhattarai welcomes applications in

- Tax policy analysis and public finance

- UK, EU and US and other advanced economies

- Developing and emerging economies

- Dynamic CGE and applied microeconomics

- DSGE models and applied macroeco