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Measuring the 2D baryon acoustic oscillation signal of galaxies in WiggleZ: cosmological constraints

Hinton, Samuel R.; Kazin, Eyal; Davis, Tamara M.; Blake, Chris; Brough, Sarah; Colless, Matthew; Couch, Warrick J.; Drinkwater, Michael J.; Glazebrook, Karl; Jurek, Russell J.; Parkinson, David; Pimbblet, Kevin A.; Poole, Gregory B.; Pracy, Michael; Woods, David


© 2016 The Authors. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society. We present results from the 2D anisotropic baryon acoustic oscillation (BAO) signal present in the final data set from the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey. We analyse the WiggleZ data in two ways: first using the full shape of the 2D correlation function and secondly focusing only on the position of the BAO peak in the reconstructed data set. When fitting for the full shape of the 2D correlation function we use a multipole expansion to compare with theory. When we use the reconstructed data we marginalize over the shape and just measure the position of the BAO peak, analysing the data in wedges separating the signal along the line of sight from that parallel to the line of sight. We verify our method with mock data and find the results to be free of bias or systematic offsets. We also redo the pre-reconstruction angle-averaged (1D) WiggleZ BAO analysis with an improved covariance and present an updated result. The final results are presented in the form of Ω c h 2 , H(z), and D A (z) for three redshift bins with effective redshifts z=0.44, 0.60, and 0.73.Within these bins and methodologies, we recover constraints between 5 and 22 per cent error. Our cosmological constraints are consistent with flat ΛCDM cosmology and agree with results from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Feb 1, 2017
Journal Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Print ISSN 0035-8711
Electronic ISSN 1365-2966
Publisher Oxford University Press (OUP)
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 464
Issue 4
Pages 4807-4822
Keywords Baryon Acoustic Oscillation, WiggleZ, Dark energy, Cosmology
Publisher URL
Copyright Statement © Oxford University Press 2017
Additional Information This is the advance access version of an article published in: Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2017, v.464, issue 4.


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