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Identity, citizenship, and moral constructs from the virtual self

Martin, Stewart



Krista Terry

Amy Cheney


Many young people now access digital networks that include individuals very unlike them who promote different cultural, religious and ethical value systems and behaviour. Such value systems can create conflicts of expectation for young people seeking to resolve their relationship to a national citizenship in a pluralistic society, especially if they are experiencing adolescent uncertainties or a growing awareness of social inequalities. The emergence of trans-national political structures and their differing value systems, together with the rise of international tensions, have increased uncertainty about the nature of identity and entitlement to a national citizenship. This paper describes the ongoing Citizens project study of identity development in young people, using real-world scenarios to discover the values that underpin their engagement with this wider range of religious and cultural value systems and to explore personal identity, political issues and citizenship.

Book Type Book Chapter
Publication Date Aug 17, 2015
Journal Utilizing virtual and personal learning environments for optimal learning
Electronic ISSN 2326-8913
Publisher IGI Global
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Pages 217-237
Book Title Utilizing Virtual and Personal Learning Environments for Optimal Learning
Chapter Number 10
ISBN 9781466688476; 9781466688483
Keywords Identity; Citizenship; Virtual worlds; Immersive environments; VR; Virtual reality; Values
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