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RepoMMan : delivering private repository space for day-to-day use

Awre, Chris; Green, Richard


Richard Green


In the spring of 2005, the University of Hull embarked on the RepoMMan Project, a two-year JISC-funded endeavour to investigate a number of aspects of user interaction with an institutional repository. The vision at Hull was, and is, of a repository placed at the heart of a Web services architecture: a key component of a university's information management. In this vision the institutional repository provides not only a showcase for finished digital output, but also a workspace in which members of the University can, if they wish, develop those same materials. The RepoMMan Project set out to consider how a range of Web services could be brought together to allow a user to interact easily with private workspace in an institutional repository and how the Web services might ease the transition from a private work-in-progress to a formally exposed object in the repository complete with metadata. Three key decisions had been taken before the project proposal was submitted and will not be further discussed here: that open source software should be employed for the project, that the Web services should be orchestrated by an implementation of the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and that the Fedora repository software should be used.

Journal Article Type Article
Journal Ariadne
Electronic ISSN 1361-3200
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Issue 54
APA6 Citation Awre, C., & Green, R. (in press). RepoMMan : delivering private repository space for day-to-day use. Ariadne,
Keywords Digital repositories, Personalisation, Web services, WSBPEL, Automated metadata generation


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