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Nightports, 'Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne'

Slater, Mark; Martin, Adam; Bourne, Matthew


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Dr Mark Slater
Senior Lecturer in Music and Director of Music

Adam Martin

Matthew Bourne


A 45-minute album exploring the concept of restriction in collaboration with pianist Matthew Bourne.

Liner notes (introduction):
Nightports is based on a simple but unbreakable rule of restriction: only sounds produced by the featured musician can be used. Nothing else. These sounds can be transformed, distorted, translated, processed and reprocessed, stretched, cut, ordered and reordered without limitation.

Nightports is about amplifying the characteristics of the musician – celebrating what’s particular about them, finding sounds that nobody else can make, constructing a complex sonic weave that, however radical the transformations, still bears the watermarks of its origin.

Digital Artefact Type Audio
Publication Date Mar 2, 2018
APA6 Citation Slater, M., Martin, A., & Bourne, M. (2018). Nightports, 'Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne'
Keywords Composition, production, piano, performance, creativity
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