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Post Nominals BSc MRes PhD FHEA
Biography I undertook my BSc (hons) in Zoology and MRes in Biological Sciences at The University of Manchester. During my MRes, I developed an avid interest in research. This led to me becoming a KTP associate at The University of Manchester, developing wound models to test the efficacy of commercial antimicrobial products.

Shortly following my KTP, I accepted a Medical Research Council funded PhD studentship in the area of wound healing at The University of Hull where I received no corrections. I then continued my research at post-doctoral level in the Hull York Medical School, and accepted a Lectureship in 2020.

Throughout my career I have received numerous awards for my outstanding work and achievements, and I have published a number of high impact publications in the field of skin and wound biology and microbiology. My research aims to determine the cellular and molecular correlates of pathological wound repair in the elderly and diabetic.

My current projects with Diabetes UK and the British Skin Foundation are focused on understanding why senescent ("zombie") cells cause poor wound healing, and developing treatments to eliminate these cells to restore normal skin repair. My work with the National Biofilms Innovation Centre is to develop selective antimicrobial therapies for skin and wound infections. I am also involved in a number of research projects with industry partners as I strongly believe that academic/commercial collaboration is key to driving impactful research that will lead to patient benefit.
Research Interests I have a number of major areas of interest, all with the aim of tackling chronic non-healing wounds. These include:

Determining the mechanistic drivers of senescence in poor wound healing.

Understanding the role of endogenous metals in diabetes, ageing and skin repair.

Developing novel methods and treatment modalities to tackle wound biofilm infection.

To address the above aims, my research group uses a range of in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo wound models and cutting-edge methodologies (e.g. RNA-Seq, ptychographic imaging, metagenomics) alongside standard histological and biochemical assays.
Teaching and Learning Undergraduate - BSc Biomedical Sciences
Professional and Research Skills for Biomedical Scientists
Independent Research Project

Postgraduate - MSc Biomedical Sciences
Research Methods in Biomedical Sciences
Independent Research Project

Postgraduate - MSc Pharmacology and Drug Development
Foundations in Pharmacology
Practical Research Skills in Pharmacology
Independent Research Project - Module Lead

Postgraduate - MSc in Physician Associate Studies
Foundations in Pharmacology
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PhD Supervision Availability Yes
PhD Topics Dr Wilkinson welcomes applications from students who want to undertake an MSc by Research or PhD within the Hull York Medical School. The overarching goal of my group is to understand why chronic wounds in the elderly and diabetic fail to heal so we can