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Dr Rebecca Vince


Rebecca Vince

Senior Lecturer in Health Physiology

Biography Dr Rebecca Vince graduated in Biomedical Science at the University of Hull in 2005 and stayed on to complete a PhD identifying novel peptide sequences which bind to MRSA for targeted photodynamic therapy of chronic wounds.

She joined the Sport, Health and Exercise Department in 2008 teaching physiology and nutrition and is involved in multiple research projects in biochemistry and physiology as well as both sport and health nutrition.
Research Interests Becky's personal and collaborative research spans both health-based and sport-based research around:
1.) Using a personalised medicine approach in a range of settings (e.g. obesity, diabetes, cancer, ageing/frailty)
2.) Exercise, nutritional and lifestyle interventions in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), type 2 diabetes and obesity
3.) Exercise/nutritional ‘prehabilitation’ (a strategy to increase functional capacity/physical fitness prior to a physiological stressor such as surgery) either through exercise (resistance and/or aerobic) or through other interventions (nutrition)
4.) Nutrition in health and disease
5.) The cellular stress response in healthy and diseased states e.g. heat shock proteins, endothelial microparticles, oxidative stress
6.) The endothelial response in diseased states or diving/decompression illness
7.) Nutritional supplementation for sports performance/recovery investigating the effects of ergogenic aids/nutritional supplements to improve sport performance and aid in recovery, covering a broad interest in all nutritional supplements and diet plans across all sports
Teaching and Learning Programmes taught on:
- BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Nutrition
- BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

Modules list:
- Nutrition and Diet in Health and Disease (Level 5/6)
- Nutrition in Specialist Sporting Populations (Level 5/6)
Scopus Author ID 24282243600