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Research Interests Dr Rivero's lab specialises in research into the cytoskeleton, a key player in almost all cellular processes, including motility, cytokinesis, cell-to-cell and cell-susbstrate interactions and intracellular transport. Dr. Rivero is currently pursuing lines of research that explore aspects of the actin cytoskeleton and the signalling pathways that regulate its remodelling in blood platelets. Platelet activation is the result of multiple exquisitely integrated signalling cascades that drive the morphological changes required for adhesion, spreading, aggregation and secretion at the sites of vascular damage. Those signalling pathways ultimately drive remodelling of the platelet cytoskeleton. Platelet physiology is of particular medical relevance because of the role of thrombosis in common cardiovascular conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

The ultimate goals of Dr Rivero's research are a better understanding of platelet function (basic science aspect) and the development of improved diagnostic/therapeutical strategies for the management of states of platelet hyperactivation and other conditions involving platelet/endothelial cell function (translational aspect).
Teaching and Learning I contribute to various aspects of the Hull York Medical School MBBS (lectures, biopracticals, scholarship and special interest programme), to the BSc Biomedical Sciences (lectures, projects) and to the MSc in Pharmacology and Drug Development and the MSc Biomedical Sciences.

I'm also the postgreaduate training academic lead of HYMS.
ResearcherID N-2969-2013