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Dr Andrew Boa

Biography Education:
University of York, B.Sc. 1985-1988, and D.Phil., 1988-1991

University of Leicester, PDRA. 1991-1993 and University of Leeds, PDRA, 1994-1995

Current post:
University of Hull as Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, 1995 – 2011, and Senior Lecturer since Oct 2011.
Research Interests organic chemistry; bio-organic chemistry; medicinal chemistry; heterocyclic chemistry; unusual amino acids and peptidomimetics; sporopollenin.
Teaching and Learning Level 4: Introduction to Organic Chemistry
Level 4: Substitution and elimination
Level 5: Stereochemistry
Level 5: Bifunctional chemistry
Level 5: Year 2 organic laboratories
Level 6: P, S, Si and B chemistry
Level 6: Biomolecules
Level 7: Advanced heterocyclic chemistry
Level 7: Metals in Organic Synthesis (shared)
Scopus Author ID 6603232078