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Professor Joanne Reeve


Joanne Reeve

Professor of Primary Care Research

Biography Joanne is an inner-city GP committed to clinical scholarship and excellence in academic primary care driving person-centred redesign of primary medical care services.

As professor of primary care research, she leads a body of work on innovative scholarship driving excellence in primary care. She established the Academy of Primary Care at Hull York Medical School, where she supports a range of research on person centre care in the context of problematic polypharmacy, sleep management in dementia care, and homeless healthcare. She works with a range of partners to establish a series of innovative projects including the WISE GP programme (SAPC and RCGP), the CATALYST programme for new to practice GPs (NHSE and HCV Primary Care Partnership) and the WISDOM project supporting clinician scholarship (HEE Yorkshire).

She has worked for 20 years as a salaried GP within inner city practices in Liverpool and Hull, including leading innovative service development work addressing care for people living with multimorbidity and problematic polypharmacy.

She regularly teaches primary care clinicians and academics at all career stages, and is privileged to be a mentor to future primary care leaders who continue to inspire her everyday work.

Joanne graduated from Liverpool Medical School in 1997, and started out planning a career in public health medicine. A Masters in Public Health rekindled her interests in the professional, clinical and academic challenges of developing person-centred healthcare. She returned to General Practice and successfully applied for doctoral funding from the NCCRCD (the precursor to NIHR) to look at person-centred management of distress in terminal illness. Following her PhD, she worked in Manchester, Liverpool and Warwick developing a portfolio of work on Primary Care redesign based on the principles of medical generalism (whole person medical care). Her work has been supported by fellowships from the NIHR (including a Clinical Lecturership at Manchester, and a Clinician Scientist Award at Liverpool). Joanne joined Hull York Medical School in 2017 to establish the Academy of Primary Care - championing innovative scholarship driving excellence in primary care provision.
Research Interests Joanne is internationally known for her expertise in medical generalism. Her research and scholarship focuses on redesign of primary care on advanced generalist principles. Current projects target particularly the knowledge work of generalist practice. These include strengthening clinical scholarship for professional practice (WISE GP and the CATALYST programmes); practice redesign for generalist prescribing (TAILOR); and championing modern primary care (TIMES, SPLENDID).

Revitalising medical generalism is an NHS priority, recognised within the Future Doctor Programme and the establishment of the new Enhanced Generalist Skills programme. Joanne was a Subject Matter Expert on the Educational Offer Development Group for this work and contributes regularly to Enhance programmes in England.
Teaching and Learning The focus for Joanne's teaching reflects her research areas: in supporting health professionals at all career stages to critically and safely understand and deliver high quality individually tailored medical care. She works with colleagues at Hull York Medical School to develop a programme of research-informed educational materials at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels (including for local Vocational Training Scheme and Protected Learning Time sessions). These include teaching on Goldilocks Medicine, the Principles of Person-Centred Care, Managing Problematic Polypharmacy, Generalist management of common mental health problems, and the principles of the expert generalist consultation.

Joanne is an experienced supervisor at Masters and PhD level, and welcome expressions of interest from students interested in developing primary care projects.
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