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Dr Mark Wade


Mark Wade

Lecturer in Genetics

Biography I am a Lecturer in Genetics in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hull where I lead the Cancer Epigenetics Team.

I was awarded my Ph.D. in 2012 having worked in the lab of Professor James Allan at Newcastle University studying the molecular genetics of radiation-induced breast cancer. I have continued my interest in this field and have current projects aiming to identify novel genomic biomarkers of radiation-induced cancer in collaboration with Professor Allan.

Prior to my current role I was a post-doctoral research associate in the lab of Dr Luke Gaughan from 2012-2017 studying the role of histone demethylase (HDMs) enzymes in breast cancer. In particular the function of the HDMs KDM4B and KDM3A and their role in estrogen receptor signalling.

My current research continues to investigate the role of epigenetic regulatory enzymes in cancer development and progression, particularly in breast cancer, in an aim to identify novel therapeutic targets. My current interests lie in 'epi-reader' proteins which recognise and interpret histone modifications in order to control gene expression.
Research Interests My research interests are mainly focused on epigenetic mechanisms in cancer, in particular breast and prostate cancer and glioblastoma. I am interested in enzymes which regulate the chemical modification of histones to control chromatin structure and gene expression, and their potential as therapeutic targets to treat cancer.

I also have interests in the molecular genetics of radiation-induced cancer and the development of ex vivo microfluidic platforms as novel therapeutic target validation tools.
Teaching and Learning I am module coordinator for the Level 4 Principles of Genetics module and teach on the Level 5 Molecular Genetics and Proteomics module and Level 6 Human Genetics module. I also supervise undergraduate students for their Independent Research Projects at Level 6 and MSc by Thesis postrgraduate students and teach on the Level 4 and 5 skills modules.
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