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Dr Vicky Skoulou


Vicky Skoulou

Director of Research of Chemistry Department and Chemical Engineering Department ; Senior Lecturer (Assoc. Prof.) in Chemical Engineering-Bioenergy ; PI of the B3: Biomass Waste- BioenergH2- Biochars Challenge Group of PGRs and PDRAs

Post Nominals PGCert, AMIchemE, FHEA
Biography Are you passionate about biomass and waste , low carbon waste- to -energy , sustainable H2 and net zero carbon energy solutions?
I am too and looking forward to collaborate on integrated Renewable Energy (RES) generation systems and integrated concepts, emphasized in biomass & other waste thermochemical treatments (torrefaction/carbonization/pyrolysis/gasification and clean combustion) for net zero carbon decentralized energy generation !

I am the PI of the B3: Biomass waste -BioenergH2- Biochars Group of PGRs and PDRAs. My expertise covers the biomass waste pretreatments, low carbon thermal/thermochemical treatments (mainly pyrolysis and gasification) of lignocellulosic biomass residues, solid fuels, waste and their blends as well as designing of thermochemical reactors for waste to energy, H2 and chars- activated carbons production.
I received my PhD in 2009 from Chem. Engineering Dept. of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece under the supervision of Prof. Anastasia Zabaniotou. Outcome was the design, scaling up, construction and cold and hot flow as well as experimentation in a mobile 5KWth fluidized bed (FB) gasifier for decetralized syngas-H2-energy production from agricultural waste in collaboration with industry (Philipoppoulos Energy Technical S.A., Greece). I subsequently received the Research Excellence Award (2010) to continue my research on co-pyrolysis and co-gasification of biodiesel industry waste/lignocellulosic residues and mixtures for syngas (H2+CO) production (collaboration with Vert Oil S.A.). In 2011 I received a pan-hellenic award (scholarship) from the National Funding Scholarships Association, Greece for assessing the low carbon pyrolysis and gasification characteristics of natural biopolymers (lignin and cellulose) of locally available lignocellulosic waste and mixtures. As a result I was one among the 79 best researchers of AUTh for 2010-11, among >2500 active research staff at that time, and honored by the Secretary of the Hellenic Ministry of Higher Education in the Awards ceremony 'AUTh University Excellence' on 21/9/2011. On 2012 I was offered the Research Associate position in Chem. Engineering Dept. at Imperial College (ICL), London where I established an advanced thermal treatment reactor (spouted bed gasifier for coal/woody biomass exploitation) running under pyrolysis and gasification conditions, as well as dealt with gaseous emissions control. On January 2014, I was appointed as a Lecturer in Chem. Engineering , Faculty of Science and Engineering (FoSE) University of Hull (UoH) and I am research active as the PI of the B3 (Biomass/Waste-BioenergH2-Biochars) Challenge Group of PG students and PDRA researchers. On February 2019, appointed Director of Research (DR) of Chemical Engineering Department, and on August 2020 promoted to Senior Lecturer (Assoc. Professor) in Chemical Engineering -Bioenergy. In parallel and from March 2021 I serve the role of DR of Chemistry Department and Chemical Engineering Departments, UoH. During the last 16 years, I participate(d) as PI and Co-I in 23 research projects in the field of Biomass/Waste -Solid fuels- Bioenergy/Biofuels- H2- Biochars and activated carbons. The majority of the research projects I participate(d) are/ were funded by UK funding bodies in UK ( EPSRC, HEFCE, British Council) and abroad (H2020, FP7, European Commission, General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GTRT), Greek Ministries of Higher Education and Ministry of Development) as well as co-funded by private sector in UK and abroad.
Research Interests -Biomass waste /Waste characterisation, pretreatment and alternative ways of exploitation.
-Thermochemical treatments (carbonization-torrefaction-pyrolysis-gasification-combustion) of food-woody biomass wasate, fossil fuels and other waste for bioenergy-biofuels, biochar production.
-Bioenergy/solid-gaseous biofuels systems design / re purposing of existing technologies to adapt new types of waste to fuels/feed stock
-Advanced cycles and alternative processes for biomass, fossil fuels and waste exploitation for biofuels-bioenergy-biochars under the circular economy scenario.
-Combined Renewable Energy Sources (RES) energy production systems, emphasized in lignocellulosic biomass/other waste sources for net zero carbon decentralized solutions.
-2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation Feedstock for Biofuels production
-Biorefineries/Waste-Refineries and integration of thermochemical and biochemical processing routes of biomass/waste
Teaching and Learning Currently Teaching and contributing at eleven (11) Level 4-7 modules in Chemical Engineering and Engineering Departments (2020.21):

Level 7: Energy Generation from Conventional and Alternative Fuels

Level 7: Renewable Energy Technologies in Buildings

Level 7: Energy Technologies

Level 7: Taught MSc Individual Projects

Level 6: Chemical Engineering Design Project

Level 6: Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Projects

Level 5: Separation Processes and Particle Technology

Level 5: Chemical Engineering Design Challenge II

Level 4: Process Safety and Chemistry

Level 4: Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering

Level 4: Engineering Mathematics and Chemical Reactivity
Scopus Author ID 15835734300