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Post Nominals BSc MBBS MD FRCS
Biography George completed his BSc and medical degree at St George's Hospital in London before beginning his clinical career in posts on the south coast. He undertook his doctorate at the University of Hull where he was first exposed to clinical research and began his academic career. He was then successful in gaining a Yorkshire and Humber higher surgical rotation position and subsequent clinical lecturer post in general surgery with an interest in vascular.

George completed this training and gained fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2016. He has since then undertaken clinical duties as a consultant at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and research as a Senior Lecturer at the Hull York Medical School.
Research Interests George's primary research focus is within surgical wounds and wound infection and in undertaking both basic science and clinical testing of new and existing dressing technologies.

Other topics of research include:

Surgical site infections - Avoidance of antibiotics in treatment and prevention of wound infection
Wound healing - microbiome and the effects of shockwave therapy in wound healing
Through knee amputations - quality of life and biomechanics outcomes after amputation
Vascular access for dialysis - factors affecting early fistula patency
Peripheral vascular disease - Non invasive control of symptoms of claudication
Prehabilitation - optimising outcomes in severely co-morbid or frail vascular surgery patients
Teaching and Learning George has taught as a faculty member of the National Vascular Surgery Aspire course as well as regular clinical teaching within the Medical School.
Scopus Author ID 55751412500
PhD Supervision Availability Yes
PhD Topics George has supervised 9 doctorates with excellent outcomes and most students continuing their research after the period of formal research.

There are regular opportunities for projects in the department and a full multidisciplinary team of researchers