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Dr John Williams

Biography Dr John Williams is an established academic with a background in analytical chemistry.

After his PhD studies, he became a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Leeds. Since leaving there, he has had 18 years experience of teaching at universities in the UK and overseas.

He was a Lecturer and then Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman.

Upon his return to the UK, Dr Williams became a Teaching Fellow then a Lecturer of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Hull. He has recently left the Department of Chemistry and joined the Department of Biomedical Sciences as a Lecturer in Forensic Science.

He has 31 publications and his research interests include separation science, forensic science, and forensic science education.
Teaching and Learning Module leader:

Module 300031 Foundation in Data Analysis

Module 400060 Introduction to DNA and Chromatography

Module 400061 Introduction to Forensic Science

Module 661917 Current Topics in Forensic Science

Lecture courses:

Module 400060 - The 'Introduction to Chromatography' section

Module 400867 - The 'Separation Science' and 'Thermodynamics' sections

Module 661917 - The introductory lectures

Module 661918 - The 'Drugs of Abuse' section


Module 400486 Skills for Forensic Science

Laboratory classes:

Module 300077 Foundation Chemistry

Module 400060 - The Chromatography Labs

Module 661918 Forensic Analysis of Drugs